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The U.S. Mint American Innovation $1.00 Coin Program will honor American Innovation and Innovators from each of all 50 States and all 6 U.S. Territories. The Innovation Dollars will be the size and color of the Native American Dollars. Officially starting in 2019, 4 different American Innovation Dollars will be issued each year, and will be minted in the order that the States and Territories entered into the Union. Late in December, 2018, a special introductory coin featuring the common obverse of the Statue of Liberty that will appear on all the Innovation Dollars, was released with a 2018 date. The reverse of the 2018 introductory coin featured the signature of George Washington as it appeared on the first U.S. Patent issued to Samuel Hopkins in 1790.

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2018D INNOVATION DOLLAR: 1 single BU 2018D Introductory Innovation Golden Dollar.
Product ID: 392018DTS
Price: $ 2.50

2018D INNOVATON DOLLAR ROLL: 1 25-count BU Roll of 2018D Introductory Innovation Golden Dollars.
Product ID: 392018DMR
Price: $ 49.95

2018S PROOF INNOVATION DOLLAR: 1 single 2018S PROOF Introductory Innovation Golden Dollar in stunning mirror-finish PROOF! In original Mint packaging.
Product ID: 392018SPF
Price: $ 14.95

2018S REVERSE PROOF INNOVATION DOLLAR: 1 single 2018S REVERSE PROOF Introductory Innovation Golden Dollar. Limited to 75,000 mintage and SOLD OUT at the Mint in 2 days! May become the KEY to the series! In original Mint packaging.
Product ID: 392018SRP
Price: $ 39.95

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