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That's right, we're celebrating 65 YEARS IN BUSINESS! 65 years of serving our coin collecting family, finding something for every coin collector since 1958! If you don't find what you are looking for on our website, get in contact with us as we want to be YOUR ONLINE COIN SHOP!



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Our History ~

VIRG MARSHALL III, INC was established in 1958 by Virg Marshall III, when his passion for coin collecting became a business of buying, selling and trading coins. Located in Wymore, Nebraska, near the geographical center of the United States, the company operates from a modern and secure coin shop, complete with a 12 x 32 walk-in reinforced concrete vault. Because of his early interest in Lincoln cents, Mr. Marshall adopted the sub-title ..THE PENNY MERCHANT.. Many young baby boomers got their start in coin collecting by ordering Lincoln cents from The Penny Merchant's ads in national coin collecting periodicals.

The company has enjoyed long-term success due to the emphasis on customer satisfaction and the diversity of coin collecting products that are offered. Every order received has been cultivated to encourage a repeat order. Our priority to provide a quality product, honest descriptions, reliable service and integrity in business dealings has resulted in many loyal and satisfied customers over the years. All United States coins, currency and U.S. mint products are offered regularly, along with some foreign and ancient offerings on occasion. A complete line of coin collecting supplies is always available to customers of Virg Marshall III, Inc. We believe we have ..something for every coin collector.. And if you don't find exactly what you want, let us know and we will try to find it for you!

In January, 1981, Mark Chaplin was hired as Assistant Manager. In a few years, Mr. Chaplin and Mr. Marshall worked together to develop a Coin Supply Division that would sell coin collecting supplies to the coin collecting customers of Virg Marshall III, Inc. Soon the company had acquired sole distributorships of several cardboard coin collecting supplies, paper holder products and coin storage boxes all made in the USA. These products were manufactured in large quantities, giving customers of Virg Marshall III, Inc substantial price breaks on coin collecting supplies.

In January, 2004, Mark Chaplin purchased Virg Marshall III, Inc, with a commitment to maintaining the honesty, integrity, diversity and focus on customer satisfaction that has made the business successful, while taking the business to the worldwide web and beyond!