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The U.S. Mint Presidential Silver Medals Series will honor all the Presidents, living and dead, with a .999 Silver medal struck on the same planchets as the American Silver Eagles with a special Proof finish! This is an exciting series because we are talking about .999 PURE SILVER here! In 2018, Washington and Adams were honored to start off the series, and then 4 Presidents will be honored each year until ALL the Presidents are included -- since these are non-circulating, non-legal tender U.S. medals, even living Presidents can be included! So it will be 10 years plus to complete this series -- what will Silver be worth in 10 years?? All medals are in original deluxe Mint packaging.

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JAMES MADISON .999 SILVER MEDAL: The James Madison .999 Silver Presidential Medal struck on the same Pure Silver planchets as the American Silver Eagle. 4th in this new Presidential Silver Medal series!
Product ID: 77MADSILM
Price: $ 49.95

Thomas Jefferson .999 Silver Medal: JUST OUT! The first Presidential Silver Medal for 2019 honors Thomas Jefferson! Struck on the same .999 Silver planchets as the American Silver Eagle!
Product ID: 77JEFFSIL
Price: $ 49.95

JOHN ADAMS .999 SILVER MEDAL: Part of a BRAND NEW Presidential series, 1 - John Adams 1 ounce .999 SILVER Presidential Medal in original Mint packaging.
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Product ID: 77ADAMSSM
Price: $ 49.95

GEORGE WASHINGTON .999 SILVER MEDAL: Part of a BRAND NEW SERIES from the U.S. Mint, each President will be honored with a 1 ounce .999 Silver Medal the same size as the American Silver Eagle, starting with George Washington and John Adams in 2018 and then 4 every year after.
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Product ID: 77WASHSIL
Price: $ 49.95