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Gift ideas for coin collectors.

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2018 U.S. MINT HAPPY BIRTHDAY SET: In original Mint packaging, the colorful cover with balloons and presents exclaim HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Inside are 5 2018S Proof Coins: the Lincoln Cent, Jefferson Nickel, Roosevelt Clad Dime,
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Product ID: 7718HBSET
Price: $ 24.90

CHRISTMAS TREE ORNAMENT CAPSULE SILVER BAR: 1 - Hard Plastic clear Christmas Tree Ornament Capsule for a 1 ounce Silver Bar -- includes a loop to tie a ribbon for hanging on a Christmas Tree.
Product ID: 77CTBARCP
Price: $ 1.00

PLUSH VELVET GIFT BOX FOR SILVER BAR: 1 - Plush Black Velvet Gift Box with clear Capsule for Christmas 1 ounce Silver Bars.
Product ID: 77PLBKGFT
Price: $ 4.95

BITCOIN 1 OUNCE COPPER ROUND: 1 ounce .999 Copper Round featuring Bitcoin emblem.
Product ID: 77BITCOPR
Price: $ 2.50

THE OTHER SIDE OF LINCOLN CENT SET: Displayed in a full color holder, this set includes all 7 Lincoln Cent Reverse Designs from 1909 through 2010. All 7 cents are Uncirculated and include the Wheat Back, Memorial Back, all 4 of the 2009 reverse designs and the newly released 2010 Shield r
Product ID: 067REVOSL
Price: $ 4.95

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