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Push-in type display folders. Choose from Whitman's original blue folders, or Harris' colored cover folders. An inexpensive way to display your collection.

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DATE SET LINCOLN CENT FOLDER 1909-2009: Retail $5.95 each. A colorful 7" x 9 1/2" folder that holds a date set of Lincoln Cents 1909 to 2009 including the 4 special 2009 cent issues.
Product ID: 1409LINDS
Price: $ 3.95

DELUXE PRESIDENTIAL DOLLAR COIN-TRAVELING ARCHIVE: Holds 80 coins. Lift off capsule for P & D mint coins for each president. Retail: $29.99
Product ID: 034823904
Price: $ 19.99

STATEHOOD PLUS TERRITORY QUARTER FOLDER/ DOZEN: Retail $4.99 each. One dozen colorful folders for one each of the 50 Statehood Quarters PLUS one each of the 2009 Territory Quarters.
Product ID: 0328097XD
Price: $ 34.50

STATEHOOD PLUS TERRITORY QUARTER FOLDER: Retail $4.99 each. Colorful folder that holds one each of the 50 State Quarters PLUS one each of the 2009 Territory Quarters.
Product ID: 0328097XS
Price: $ 3.50

PRESIDENTIAL DOLLAR FOLDER, P & D /DOZEN: Retail $7.99 each. One Dozen full-color 4-panel Presidential Dollar folder. Measures 7" x 9 1/2" with Presidential facts. Holds P & D mints for each President. 2007-2011.
Product ID: 03422797D
Price: $ 38.95

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